We currently maintain a relationship with more than 20 different insurance companies offering comprehensive variable life and annuity products with a wide range of investment sub-accounts.  Here are links to our most used companies.


Variable Annuities and Variable Life Insurance

Name                                         Phone                            Website

AXA                                   888-292-4636               us.axa.com

C.N.A.                                 800-262-1755              www.cna.com

Conseco                             800-557-7043             www.conseco.com

First Variable Life            800-499-0713             www.firstinvestors.com

Great West                        800-537-2033             www.greatwest.com

Hartford Life                    800-862-7155             www.thehartford.com

Voya Financial                 800-344-6860            www.voya.com

Integrity Life                    800-325-8583              www.wsfinancialpartners.com

Jackson National              800-873-5654            www.jackson.com

Lincoln Benefit Life         800-525-9287            www.termlifeamerica.com

Lincoln Financial             260-455-7696             www.lfg.com

Mass Mutual Life             800-272-2216             www.massmutual.com

MetLife Insurance Co.     800-989-3752            www.metlife.com

Nationwide Insurance     800-321-6064            www.nationwide.com

One America                     800-537-6442            www.oneamerica.com

Pacific Life                        800-722-2333             www.pacificlife.com

Prudential                         800-752-6342           www.prudential.com

Penn Mutual Life Ins.      800-818-8184            www.pennmutual.com

Prudential                         800-353-2847           www.prudential.com

Security Benefit Life        800-888-2461           www.securitybenefit.com

Sunlife Financial              800-752-7217            www.sunlife.com

Western Reserve Life       800-443-9975          www.westernreseve.com