Fixed & Fixed Index Annuities

We currently maintain a relationship with more than 25 different insurance companies which offer competitive crediting methods and lifetime withdrawal benefits.  Click on the BOLD text below for more information.

Fixed Index Annuity Sales Tools:

The Truth About Fixed Index Annuities

 This financial professional only piece covers the history of fixed index annuities and many of the misconceptions surrounding how these products work.

Crediting Methods of Fixed Index Annuities.

 This is a consumer approved sales tool on how a fixed index annuity works.

 What is your Favorite Fixed Income Alternative?

This consumer approved sales tool describes how bond and bond funds behave in an increasing interest rate environment and how fixed index annuities may be an alternative solution.

·       WealthVest White Paper Library

WealthVest has developed proprietary research on topics like the 4% rule, how to optimize a portfolio with fixed index annuities, sequence of returns risk, and a consumer study on retirement realities. You can download this research at WealthVest’s White Paper Library.

·       WealthVest’s Video Library

 WealthVest’s Video Library contains videos on:

 Sustainable Withdrawal Rates – Is the 4% Rule Obsolete?

The Role of Fixed Index Annuities in an Optimized Portfolio

Sequence of Returns Risk

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