American Equity offers several fee-based asset management programs through our affiliated RIA, American Capital Management Inc.

With the appropriate license, you can register with American Capital as one of our Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs), giving your clients access to our professionally managed portfolios utilizing individual equities, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

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Advisory Services

Among the available turnkey programs are American Capital Management (Fletcher Wealth Management), CLS Management, Morningstar Managed Porfolios, Flex Plan, ITS Asset Management and Portfolio Strategies, just to name a few. From compliance guidance and advisory agreements, to research and Internet-based performance reporting, our fee-based programs are cutting edge.

American Capital Management, Inc.

Our in house advisory program is managed by Tom Fletcher.   Fletcher Wealth Management serves the wealth and investment management needs of a select number of individuals, families, and businesses. We use a specialized investment strategy that takes our client’s current situation into consideration and helps them reach their goals. We use independent due diligence and research that is in-depth, stringent, and unbiased. We incorporate an open architecture platform, and an established approach toward risk management and performance optimization as well as ongoing tracking that includes a disciplined screening process, rigorous analysis, benchmarking, and client communication. We provide very high levels of accessibility for our clients, and responsiveness that helps address their needs. Our goal is to manage the volatility and risks associated with investing to help provide meaningful returns and / or a predictable stream of income for our clients  

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CLS Investment Firm, LLC

CLS Investment Firm, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor with eighteen years of experience managing success. CLS is one of the largest third party money managers in the United States, managing several billion dollars for tens of thousands of clients. CLS uses a unique money management methodology known as Adaptive Risk Allocation. They manage mutual funds, variable annuities, exchange traded funds and individual stocks and bonds.

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Morningstar Managed Portfolios offer all the benefits of a sophisticated investment solution: disciplined asset allocation, objective research, access to a wide array of mutual funds, stocks and ETF’s, along with proactive portfolio management. To give investors a range of options, we offer a broad suite of Asset Allocation portfolios. Each of these portfolios hews to a distinct strategic asset allocation, which dictates a mix of stocks, bonds, and other asset classes. These variations allow us to target specified risk/reward profiles. For more information, take a look at the brochure below.

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ITS Asset Management

ITS offers professional portfolio management services to investors who seek a disciplined and active approach to investing. ITS offers investors a choice of four management styles or "disciplines" in order to meet a variety of investment goals and risk metrics. In some cases, two or more of these disciplines may be strategically paired offering even greater customization for an investor's portfolio. Every ITS portfolio features Disciplined Active Portfolio Management or "DAPM". DAPM portfolios are comprised of model framework that defines the portfolio's parameters and establishes a backbone for discipline. 

Portfolio Strategies, Inc.

In today's environment, financial advisors are looking for alternatives to long-only, bull market strategies. Portfolio Strategies Inc has been providing financial representatives dynamic asset management strategies for more than 25 years. Since it’s formation in 1982 the firm has grown to manage assets for individuals, endowments, foundations, and corporations. PSI specializes in tactical strategies, with the goal of protecting assets in bear markets and adding value in bull markets. It is our position that safeguarding against losses has a bigger impact over time than just capturing gains.

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