Branch Offices

If you are ready to open your own branch office or currently have a branch with your existing Broker / Dealer and are looking for a new home, we can help.

The following answers to the most frequently asked questions about a branch office will get you started.

Q.  I want to be an OSJ and hire reps under me. What’s your policy on that?

A:   If you want an OSJ Office we’ll help you get it. Just pass the test and show us you have the experience.      Naturally you will have to meet all FINRA requirements, too. We are set up for one level of overrides.

Q. In addition to my Series 6 or 7, what licenses are required to operate an independent office?

A:  Independent branch managers are required to have the appropriate supervisory license (such as a Series 24) to operate a branch office. In addition, you will need any licenses applicable to the type of business you or any of your registered representatives transact on behalf of their clients. If any additional licenses are required, we will give you sufficient time to acquire those licenses.

Q. How long does it take to open my own office?

A:  Usually just a few days. Once you have been approved, we will work closely with you to coordinate the opening of your office

Q. How will my office be supervised?

A:  American Equity Investment Corp. will provide a dedicated supervisor that understands your business to assist you. In addition, we will provide periodic inspections, ongoing supervision and a Compliance and Operations policy and procedures manual that details your responsibilities. Also, you will receive periodic updates to keep you abreast of any pertinent changes to your business.

Q. What name will I use?

A:  You may choose between using American Equity Investment Corp. or utilizing your own name such as John Jones Financial or Jones Investments.

Q. Can I add more financial representatives once I open?

A:  Absolutely! In fact, we strongly encourage the addition of representatives to existing branches.